Building & Repairing Transformers in Toronto for Over 65 Years

Magneto Electric is your source for comprehensive manufacturing and service for transformers in Toronto and throughout Ontario. For more than 70 years, Mississauga-based Magneto Electric has lent its expertise toward fulfilling the region’s electrical transformer needs. These include services, maintenance, and repairs to the following types of transformers:


  • Dry-type and liquid-filled transformers

  • Integrated outdoor substations

  • Specialty solutions including distribution, K-factor, traction duty, isolation and motor-starting auto transformers


Are you new to the concept of transformers? If so, you may wish to learn a little about what a transformer is and how it works. A powerline can have anywhere from 20,000 to 765,000 volts of electricity. This amount of energy is great for distributing electricity across vast distances, but not so great for making the perfect piece of toast and powering many other household appliances. Therefore, the voltage coming from the community powerline needs to be stepped down to an acceptable 110 to 120 volts before it can be safely used in your home. This is done through the use of a “transformer.” Many will recognize this term, but fewer understand how a transformer actually works. A transformer is designed to transform one voltage into another. (A volt is simply the given energy, divided by its charge; or, the difference between the charges of two points.) You’ve most likely seen transformers atop utility poles in your neighbourhood, but their smaller counterparts can also be found in many household items, such as your cell phone charger. 


So, how do transformers work? Every type of electrical circuit has a magnetic field that surrounds it. And, accordingly, modern physics states that magnetism and electricity are actually one in the same — electromagnetism. So, by altering the magnetic field, you are essentially changing the nature of electricity and altering its voltage in the process. In a step-down transformer, this can be done by changing the composition of a magnetic core such as ferrite or by reducing the voltage amount by moving reducing the number of windings in an electromagnetic coil. 


In step-up transformers, you are simply lowering the current of electrons and allowing a higher voltage to pass through. This can be done by increasing the amount of turns (completed loops) in a shielded electromagnetic coil. While it may sound like you’re breaking the law of conservation of energy by stepping up the voltage, remember that you are not creating more energy than you are putting in, simply changing it into a different electromagnetic form.


Product Specs / Details

Dry-Type Power Transformers

  • Up to 15 MVA, 46 kV class (substation or standalone)

  • Vacuum varnish impregnated coils

  • Vacuum epoxy impregnated coils


Dry-Type Station Service Transformers

Up to 750 kVA, 34.5 kV Class, 140 kVBIL


Liquid-Filled Power Transformers

  • Up to 20 MVA, 72.5 kV class, 350 kVBIL

  • Mineral oil, R-Temp fluid, silicone fluid


Liquid-Filled Distribution Transformers

Up to 3000 kVA, 34.5 kV class, 200 kVBIL


Integrated Outdoor Substations

  • Up to 5 MVA

  • Tamperproof, liquid-filled transformer, HV-fused load break switch


Specialty & Custom Transformers

  • Rectifier - up to 7000 kVA, 27.6 kV (substation or standalone)

  • Motor-starting auto - 5 & 15 kV, up to 30,000Hp

  • Drive-isolation - up to 15 kV, 300-2000 Hp

  • Exciter - generator excitation

  • Traction duty - up to 7400 kVA, 27.5 kV / phase-shifted, delta wye, harmonic elimination

  • Super isolation - normal and common noise attenuation to 180 dBA


Rewinds, Repairs, Rebuilds & Retrofits

Magneto Electric offers solutions for any transformer challenge. Our expert service team provides on-site repair, rewinds, rebuilds and retrofitting services for dry and liquid-filled transformers, including:


  • Replacing radiators for liquid-filled transformers

  • Assembling dry-type transformers and replacing coils

  • Replacing cast-coil transformers for VPI dry-type transformers

  • Upgrading capacities for all transformer types

  • Seamless retrofitting of transformers to existing equipment within available space and very little downtime


Need Rush Repairs for Transformers in Toronto?

We understand the need for quick solutions. If you’re facing an emergency situation, we can be there on the same day you call.


Complete Reliability

Magneto Electric has been building and repairing transformers in Toronto for over 65 years. With excellent service and industry-leading expertise, we provide solutions that will power your business for years to come. Quality is guaranteed. Our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified.


Do you need a dependable source for transformer solutions? Give us a call today and set up a meeting with one of our reps.


CSA Certification

All dry-type transformers are designed, built and tested to CSA C9 M1981 standards and are certified to CSA standards C22.2 No. 47-M90 up to 12 MVA, 34.5 kV Class, 150 kVBIL. Liquid-filled transformers are designed, built and tested to CSA standards C227.2, C227.4, C2, C88 up to 20 MVA, 72.5 kV Class, 350 kVBIL.

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