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Magneto Electric is a leader in electric motor repair in Toronto, including AC / DC motors. Our work is well-known throughout North America. Our expertise covers a range of applications such as generators, pumps and gear reducers. Our 1-year warranty reflects our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. In our repair facility, we provide some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry at very competitive prices. So whether you need servo motor repairs or a generator repair in Toronto, turn to Magneto Electric.


Magneto Electric offers extremely quick turnaround time with our in-house automatic rewind machine available for all our customers. No matter the volume or the dimensions we can handle your orders!


Magneto Electric’s expertise saves you time and money by offering value-driven services:


Motor and Generator Repair in Mississauga


Bring or send in your motors, generators or pumps to our facility. We will evaluate them with our unique tooling and test equipment and give you a quote on the repair. We provide cost-effective and timely repairs to minimize your downtime.


Rush Service

For a nominal fee, your repair can be expedited. Since we stock a large inventory of parts, some repairs can be accomplished in as little as 24 hours. If we need to order parts, the repair can be done in 2 to 3 days. Occasionally, in the case of older, obsolete parts, a rush repair is not feasible. We will advise you when this is the case and provide repairs as soon as the parts are available.



Technical Support: Motor and Generator Repair in Toronto

We have vast experience in repairing devices of any brand and we make sure they work properly through our extensive quality assurance process. As a customer, a simple call or email to our company will get you the technical support you need. If a problem occurs, we make every effort to assist you in correcting the problem as quickly as possible.


Manpower Support

We offer on-site service from expert electricians and mechanics, 24 hours a day per your unique requirements. This can cut down your payroll costs and greatly minimize your downtime.


Ready to see why Magneto Electric is one of the leaders in motor and generator repair in Mississauga?

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