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As your source for pumps in Toronto, Magneto Electric has the capabilities and trained staff to expertly refurbish pumps and gear reducers in a timely matter. A full test of the unit and breakdown of all worn parts will be performed before a price estimate and report of labour and material are issued. No work is performed without the customer’s approval.


Magneto Electric uses dual quality control standards that follow both the CSA Z299.3 1985 and ISO 9001-2008 guidelines. Our managers and supervisors are directly responsible for the quality of all services and repairs related to pumps and gear reducers. Each piece of equipment that enters our facility, or is repaired by our staff, is thoroughly documented and tagged so its history can be recounted and its process traced. 


With more than 70 years of experience, Magneto Electric is uniquely qualified to provide a variety of pump repair services, including bearing and seal replacements, leak detections, impeller balancing, and more. Whenever you require a gear reducer or pump repair in Toronto, you can count on Magneto Electric Service to get it done right.


Pump Repair in Toronto: Covered Under Warranty

All pump and gear reducer repairs are covered under our 1-year parts and labour guarantee. If required, Magneto Electric can also install and laser-align the rotating equipment we repair. If you have questions about what we can do, please call or feel free to fill out our contact form.



What Goes on in a Pump Repair?

A pump is designed to move a liquid, gas, or sometimes a slurry mixture by means of a mechanical action. It is this mechanical action that creates negative or positive pressure in order to move the medium from one location to another. Because they are mechanical in nature, all pumps will fail over time. Like many mechanical devices, the most common fail point of a pump is usually the area that receives the most friction. This may be a seal, bearing, or even an impeller after becoming imbalanced. 


Fortunately, Magneto Electro Services is available to perform a variety of pump repairs. These include:

  • Bearing and seal replacement

  • Leak detection and resealing

  • Impeller balancing and replacement

  • Refurbish and re-coat pump housing

  • Pumps installations

  • Laser alignment


Request a Pump Repair in Toronto

We provide the following types of pump repair services to Toronto and the surrounding areas:

  • Sump

  • Turbine

  • Gear

  • Centrifugal

  • Piston

  • Submersible


Magneto Electric is your local authorized dealer for S.A. Armstrong.

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