Electric Motors by WEG Serving Toronto & GTA

Regardless of your profession, you need your motorized equipment running as smoothly as possible. For WEG Motors in Toronto turn to Magneto Electric. We have several different types of WEG AC and DC motors. Designed with the application of modern technology, WEG DC motors are compact machines that boast excellent dynamic properties and can withstand the most severe automation and process control applications. WEG DC motors are extremely reliable, capable of lasting for long operating periods without maintenance. DC motors have great operating features, including: 

  • Wide speed variation range
  • Low weight/output ratio
  • Low moment of inertia
  • Vibration resistance 
  • And more

AC WEG Motors in Toronto

AC WEG motors in Toronto are able to provide great value from quality, reliability and low maintenance. They also boast a long life in critical services. The two main types of AC motors are induction and synchronous, and while similar, both offer different advantages.
Advantages of a synchronous AC motor include: 

  • Extremely high efficiency ratings
  • Constant speed with varying load
  • Alignment ease
  • Low inrush currents
  • And more

Advantages of an induction AC motor include: 

  • Simple and strong design 
  • Low cost
  • Greater starting torque capability
  • Low maintenance
  • And more

For more information about WEG motors in Toronto and other options offered by Magneto Electric, feel free to contact us!

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