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Backed by one of the most trusted brand names in North America, TECO-Westinghouse motors give you reliable service in any industry. A world leader in the design and manufacturing of electric motors and controls, TECO-Westinghouse provides a motor for whatever your application requirements are. Whether you need low, medium or high voltage power, Magneto Electric is your source for TECO-Westinghouse motors in Toronto and throughout Ontario. The series we carry include:

A Proud History since 1888

The TECO-Westinghouse Motor Company and Westinghouse Electric Corporation have a long and proud history of providing motors worldwide, dating back to when George Westinghouse introduced the DC Motor line in 1888. Westinghouse Electric marketed the world’s first commercial AC motor in 1894. Today, TECO-Westinghouse Motors (Canada) Inc. remains the market leader for the supply of electric motors across Canada. The TECO warehouse in Cambridge, Ontario is the major stocking centre for Ontario and Eastern Canada.

Over a century of experience has propelled our company as a leader and preferred source for many North American companies and the four main reasons for TECO-Westinghouse’s success over time are:

  • First, QUALITY is second to none. TECO-Westinghouse is an ISO 9001 /14001 Company and we adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines. Our warranty claims represent a small part of total sales; in fact, it is less than 1/2 of 1%, which is truly one of the best in the market today.
  • Second, SERVICE has always played a large part of our success, with dedicated employees ensuring that your needs are looked after, both during and after hours.
  • Third, with TECO-Westinghouse, the TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP ensures the lowest overall product cost. From the quality of our motors to the commercial programs we put in place, our goal is to minimize the total cost of ownership for our customers.
  • Finally, the fourth part of TECO-Westinghouse’s success is that we have always had a COMPETITIVE PRICE in the marketplace. Our pricing structure, along with the features mentioned above, has given TECO-Westinghouse the distinction of being the #1 market share leader.

Contact Magneto Electric about our stock of TECO-Westinghouse motors for the Toronto area and any location in Ontario. We offer motor installations as well as on-site emergency replacements.

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