Servo Motor Encoder Repairs in Ontario

The brain of a servo motor lies in the encoder. The encoder feeds back information to the drive to enable the drive’s positioning of the motor. Magneto Electric caters to the urgent needs of our Ontario customers and provides service for all types of encoders, including:

  • Environmental encoders
  • Flameproof encoders
  • Incremental encoders
  • Intrinsically safe encoders
  • Linear and rotary encoders
  • Hazardous area encoders
  • Absolute encoders
  • Discs encoders

All repairs are carried out in our fully-equipped service department or on site at your premises by qualified and experienced engineers.

Our Procedure for Repair of Encoders

An encoder cannot be tested, nor can it be aligned to the motor without state-of-the-art software. We are highly experienced in this area and use the latest test equipment for analysis of rotary and linear encoders. This includes SSI and ENDAT technology for absolute positioning (used on Siemens motors, Indramat® machines, etc., and used by major OEM’s) to ensure the highest standard of quality. Our repairs include the following:

  • To ensure your encoder is aligned and working properly, we provide you with a feedback data printout.
  • Encoder is tested both statically and dynamically to insure proper operation.
  • Every effort is made to reduce stray electrical noise to the lowest possible level, if not eliminate it completely.


All servo motor repairs are tested for:

  • Vibration
  • Current draw
  • Back EMF
  • Torque
  • Temperature rise
  • Shaft runout
  • Keyway condition
  • Balance
  • Magnetic field strength
  • Acceleration rate
  • Magnet position
  • Mechanical integrity
  • Brush spring pressure
  • Correct brush compound
  • On low inertia motors, start/stop ramps are tested to verify acceleration capabilities

Do you have questions about our encoder repairs in Ontario? Call to get the answers you need or submit a question through our contact form.

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