When you buy an electric motor, you want it to last

You want it to do its job well and you don’t want to waste energy wondering whether it will break down when you need it most. You have plenty of other things to worry about!

Leeson motors start there. Their electric motor manufacturing roots go back 80 years to a time when durability meant everything. As the company expanded, they remained true to that philosophy.As Leeson motors crossed into the 21st century, another basic tenet was added to their belief in durability, and that is efficiency. As energy costs soared globally, Leeson motors responded by manufacturing some of the most durable and efficient electric motors available. But Leeson motors are also on the cutting edge of innovation. The company has the willingness and ability to think outside the box to adapt and create electric motors to specific industry requirements. What does this mean to you? It means that when you purchase a Leeson AC or DC motor, you can count on it to get the job done for years to come, efficiently and safely, whatever your specific needs may be. Leeson manufactures motors for over 35 basic industries!Here are a few:

· Agriculture. Leeson motors in Mississauga are perfect for all your needs on the farm; from exhaust fans and conveyors to pumps and irrigation systems; from your backyard pool to your refrigeration and backup power needs. ·  Green and high-tech industries. There are also Leeson motors available in Mississauga to satisfy your wind turbine, solar panel and telecommunication network needs, as well as data, command and control centre requirements. · Food and beverage industry. There are so many electric motor applications in the food and beverage industry, it’s hard to imagine how it functioned at all before the advent of electric motors! Leeson motors in Mississauga are available to run refrigeration compressors, beverage and food dispensers and vending machines, bottlers, conveyors, mixers, ovens, packaging equipment and much more. Leeson builds some of the best extreme washdown-duty motors available! · Heavy industry. There are Leeson motors available in Mississauga for applications in mining, construction, forestry, oil and gas, and pipelines. Whether it’s a motor for a rock crusher or a conveyor you need, or a drive system for an emissions-free electric mining vehicle, Leeson has you covered. They make some of the best explosion-proof motors available to keep you safe in environments where volatile materials are present. Have questions regarding electric motors? Contact us at Magneto Electric! At Magneto Electric we repair and rewind all types of electric motors and we’re an official Leeson Motors retailer.

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