Use Incentives to Upsell High-Efficiency Products

Build your business with Toronto Hydro’s Applicant Representative Initiative (ARI) program!

Toronto Hydro’s incentive program can help you pass significant savings on to your clients, and allows you to pump that money into new projects. Motor replacements, upgrades and variable frequency drives (VFD) all attract incentives when there is proof of electricity savings, either in consumption or demand. Your customers will get an $800 per kW of electricity reduction or 10 cents per kilowatt hour savings as an incentive to reduce horsepower or add a VFD or similar technology. Anything that saves on demand or consumption earns incentive money that can be used towards upgrades, retrofits or replacements. The Applicant Representative Initiative offers an additional opportunity to build business. The program pays out $20 per kilowatt of savings for any energy-saving projects in Toronto that reduces demand. All approved Applicant Representatives (ARs) are listed on the Toronto Hydro site as being trained in completing incentive applications. Read more about the ARI program.

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