Our Facilities

From our 35,000 square foot plant, Magneto Electric serves the electric motor requirements for many industries in Ontario and across North America. A few of these industries include:


  • Aggregate

  • Pulp and paper

  • Automotive

  • Petro-chemical

  • Food and beverage

  • Printing

  • Steel

  • Plastics

  • Aerospace

  • Transportation

  • Nuclear

  • Utilities


Pick-Up & Delivery

Communication is important in any industry, especially the service industry, and that communication begins as soon as the customer calls in for a pick up. Magneto Electric has 3 large trucks covering Southern Ontario. Each truck is equipped with a 2-way radio enabling our dispatcher to contact our drivers with ease.


When you call, you will speak to an inside sales representative who will pass on your details to the dispatcher. The dispatcher will contact the driver who is nearest to your location and include it in the driver’s schedule.


Communication with the customer does not stop there. The customer service representative who took the pick-up information is responsible to maintain communication with you and make every attempt to ensure that your request was fulfilled. The customer service representative is the liaison between the customer and the production personnel. Communication is maintained until your motor is delivered. At Magneto Electric, we believe quality communication is part of delivering a quality product.

Quality Standards

The quality systems implemented by Magneto Electric are based on the dual quality management standard of CSA Z299.3 1985 and ISO 9001-2008. We are registered and certified by QUASAR (CWB Group), the national and internationally recognized quality registrar. Our quality systems consist of a master manual and sub-manuals describing work procedures and equipment operation. Controlled manuals are issued to key personnel throughout the company. If you have any questions about our quality assurance procedures, please contact us.


Quality Assurance Organization & Responsibility

Quality assurance is the expressed responsibility of each manager and supervisor. Managers and supervisors have the authority to control non-conforming items, initiate and verify measures to prevent recurrence and to continually address areas for process improvement.



All current documents are individually marked with a reference and revision number and listed in our manual. Procedures exist which ensure that quality-related documents are prepared, reviewed, approved and issued in a controlled manner and accessible to all team members.


Inspection, Measure & Test Equipment

Procedures are established to ensure that the registration and calibration of all electrical and mechanical inspection / testing equipment is performed by an established laboratory with traceability to nationally recognized standards.


Test & Inspection Plans

Our quality systems describe test and inspection plan activities covering all process steps of testing, inspections and verifications for all services performed in repair work. Individual test plans are also developed to meet specific industry (construction, food, nuclear, automotive) requirements of customers.


Inspection & Testing

Procedures are established to ensure documentation and performance of tests and inspections are completed in accordance with test and inspection plans. These include: incoming inspection and test, in-process inspection and test and final inspection and outgoing test.



Quality systems ensure that all purchasing activities are carried out in a controlled manner. This applies to all products and services procured. A list of approved suppliers is established based on the history of quality goods and services. Where required by contract, purchases of material and subcontracted services shall conform to Z299.3 or ISO 9001-2008 equivalent.


Inspection & Test Status

Inspection hold points are established on the test documents for all stages of repair work with sign-off when approved.


Identification & Traceability

All equipment for repair is identified through a central registry (Motor Base Program TM) by job number and cross-referenced by customer name. All equipment for repair is individually tagged and appropriate test documentation attached upon receipt.


Handling, Storage, Packing & Delivery

Procedures are established to protect equipment during handling, storage and delivery.


Contract & Tender

There are documented procedures established to provide systematic review and analysis of customer inquiries and for the preparation of bids and contracts. Quality assurance is an integrated part of these activities.


Quality Records

Quality systems describe the storage of quality records, including by whom and for how long.


Control of Non-Conformance

Procedures and documentation to cover non-conformance are established. These procedures and documentation include identification of root cause, segregation and disposition of non-conforming items. Fundamental problem solving methodology is used such as 5Y or 8D to methodically obtain the root cause of non-conformance.


Corrective Action

These are procedures to identify and correct negative conditions such as: mistakes, incorrect function, deficiencies, etc., and to prevent recurrence. Preventive action is taken to continually improve processes.


Customer-Supplied Items

Inspection of customer supplied items is an established procedure to verify that such items are acceptable.


Customer Complaints

Customer complaints are documented and recorded, and appropriate actions are implemented to address the customer's concerns. Follow-up actions and customer feedback are also used to ensure a satisfactory resolution and improvement of customer satisfaction.


Quality Audits - Internal & External

Internal audits are carried out on a regular basis throughout the year to ensure the effectiveness of the quality management program. These are augmented by quality management meetings. Compliance audits are carried out annually by a certified auditor from QUASAR.


Process Control

Procedures in the form of work instructions have been developed and introduced in the workshop. These cover all applicable electrical testing with additional generic manuals on:



Our quality systems ensure only competent personnel are engaged in customer work. Any lack of proficiency is identified and corrected through adequate training. All training of personnel is recorded and tracked in the master training matrix.



Magneto Electric is committed to excellence in serving all customers, including people with disabilities.

  • Motor overhaul

  • Spray metalizing of bearing journals and housings

  • Form coil armature rewind

  • AC stator rewind

  • VPI process (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation)

  • Varnish coating and cure of windings

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