Nuclear Motor Repairs, Rewinds & Decontamination Service

CANDU Owners Group Inc. | CAN-PAC Certified

Magneto Electric provides comprehensive nuclear power plant reliability and maintenance services, including servicing and repairs of all motors, generators and pumps. Focused on safety and quality at all times, we comply with all standards and regulations including CANPAC. For clients with multiple plants, we can standardize maintenance and reliability with a consistent, predictable service standard. When it comes to nuclear repair services, we offer the experience and skills you need to get the job done right.


Our partners include select Canadian companies that specialize in decontaminating nuclear motors to free-release condition for repair and rewind. When motors can’t be free-released, our technicians will perform repair and/or rewind services on the apparatus in its contaminated state at our dedicated facility.

Comprehensive Testing

Industry-leading diagnostics are used to validate recommendations, document performance and support one quality service standard nationwide.

Premium Rewinds for CWP motors and RCP motors

Magneto Electric rewind technologies come with motor redesign or uprates, as well as mechanical modifications to enclosures, shafts, seals, fans and bearings. Our engineered systems meet the standards of the world’s most demanding applications, and our comprehensive services include evaluation, rush service, technical support, manpower support and 24-hour on-site service.

Commercial-Grade Dedication

We maintain a robust commercial-grade dedication program, procuring all safety-related perishable items from audited suppliers. Our supplier audits include inspection and testing of all parts including coils, for which we are the approved vendor. Magneto Electric uses commercial-grade survey verification, source surveillance verification and supplier source evaluations.

Focus on Quality & Safety

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Magneto Electric offers industry-leading quality assurance programs, tremendous value and remarkably short lead times. Our Quality Manager Allen Chan works with other quality-focused team members to determine program architecture, document quality and instigate continual improvements. The quality systems implemented by Magneto Electric are based on the dual quality management standard of CSA Z299.3 1985 and ISO 9001-2008. Registered and certified by QUASAR (CWB Group) the internationally recognized quality registrar, our quality assurance program complies in accordance to CANPAC requirements and instructions.

With an experienced team and fully compliant work processes, we can successfully handle the rigorous requirements for a range of nuclear projects including in-plant repairs and field services for nuclear motors and mechanics that are both safety and non-safety related.

Predictive & Preventative Maintenance

Regularly monitoring your equipment for tell-tale signs of machine failure allows you to plan ahead for maintenance and reduces stress, costly repairs and downtime. Magneto Electric’s comprehensive predictive maintenance programs are available for your nuclear projects. We will customize a schedule to provide an ongoing analysis of your machinery. Instead of constantly reacting to crisis situations, you can be proactive and plan repairs more conveniently around your production schedule.

Our predictive maintenance services include:

Winding analysis: determines the condition of motor winding insulation to reduce motor failure.

Laser alignment: ensures the proper alignment of electric motors, generators, pumps, fans and blowers to lengthen their life span and minimize failure.

Infrared thermography: detects problems early and under normal operating conditions. This service will limit your unexpected downtime with critical feeder panels and electrical connections.

Vibration analysis: monitors the mechanical health and reliability of rotating equipment.

Scheduled shutdowns: allows you to plan around your schedule, saving time, manpower and money.

Learn more about our predictive maintenance services in Ontario.

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