Motor Installation or Removal

Electric Motor Installations & Removals in Toronto, GTA & Beyond

Are you having trouble removing or installing a motor? Let the skilled personnel at Magneto Electric solve your problem. In business for over 65 years, we have a wealth of experience in electric motor installations and removals. You can count on our team to complete your job correctly and keep you on schedule while maintaining a focus on safety throughout the process. Regardless of the complexity, we have your solution. Give us a call and get your motor back in business quickly.


CO2 (Dry Ice) Cleaning

CO2 (dry ice) cleaning is the answer to all of your Ontario plant cleaning requirements. The dry ice process can be used on all applications found within your facility. This is an excellent process to remove:


  • Paint

  • Grease

  • Dirt

  • Mould

  • Soot

  • Loose rust


Dry ice cleaning is a process in which dry ice particles are propelled by compressed air. These particles impact the surface at high velocity, cleaning contaminants from the surface. When removing brittle contaminants such as paint, the process creates a compression tension wave between the coating and surface. This wave has enough energy to overcome the bonding strength and the contaminant is then popped off from the inside out. The cleaned surface is dry and ready for re-painting.

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