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When it comes to electric motors, LEESON® is synonymous with quality and energy efficiency. At Magneto Electric, we carry an extensive line of AC and DC LEESON® motors in Mississauga. Known for innovative thinking and viable designs, LEESON® is a leading small motor manufacturer. Whether you need an agricultural motor designed for tough conditions or an explosion proof motor suited for hazardous environments, LEESON® has reliable options available. 

This sought-after brand also produces pump motors designed for various applications. If you are looking for 1-Phase or 3-Phase AC motors, or a dependable DC motor, LEESON® is a name you can trust.

AC & DC Motors

While AC and DC motors both convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, they are powered, built and controlled differently. An AC motor typically consists of an outside stationary stator with coils supplied with an alternating current to produce a rotating magnetic field and an inside rotor attached to the output shaft producing a second rotating magnetic field. A DC motor is classified as any electrical machines that covert direct current electrical power into mechanical power, commonly relying on the forces produced by magnetic fields. Both types of motors are used for a myriad of different purposes and in nearly every industry imaginable.

LEESON® NEMA Premium® Motors

If you need reliable performance in heavy-duty industrial applications, nothing beats the LEESON® Heavyweights, 150 and 170 series. These cast iron motors have a service factor of 1.15, which makes them ideal for tough applications. When you choose the 150 or 170 series motors you’re getting a versatile unit that can be quickly field converted to a number of different configurations.


Parts & Specs of the 150 & 170 Series

  • Stainless steel nameplate

  • Heavy-duty cast iron frame

  • High torques for hard-to-start loads

  • 100% copper-wound IRIS™

  • 1.15 service factor for extra power

  • Dynamically balanced rotor assembly

  • Cast iron endplates

  • Lubrication fittings on each end

  • Neoprene shaft slinger

  • One-way, corrosion resistant condensate drains

  • Internal caps on shaft-end and lead-end bearings

  • Oversized cast iron conduit box

  • Cast iron mounting feet

  • 12-lead delta windings

  • Steel fan covers

  • Non-sparking fan 

  • UL recognized

  • CSA certified


LEESON® also offers WATTSAVERe® Premium Efficiency Motors that are inverter capable. The IRIS™ voltage-spike-resistant insulation system is standard to this unit at no extra cost. WATTSAVERe® motors carry a three-year warranty for all general purpose and inverter fed applications. Designed to meet or exceed most utility rebate programs, these motors have high efficiency ratings up to IEEE 112B.


Parts & Specs of the WATTSAVERe®

  • Cast iron construction 

  • Efficiencies meet or exceed NEMA Premium

  • ¾ and full load efficiencies 

  • One-way corrosion resistant condensate drains

  • Three phase models suitable for inverter duty

  • Second-generation, high temperature, spike-resistant magnet wire

  • Modification to meet IEEE 841 available

  • Compliant with EISA 2007

  • UL & CSA recognized


Protect Your Motor from Voltage Spikes

The LEESON® Inverter Rated Insulation System (IRIS™) provides superior protection against voltage spikes in your motor that can be induced by variable frequency drives. This total insulation system protects your unit better than spike-resistant magnet wires can on their own. Specially formed phase insulation, cushioned and sleeved connections from the leads into the tums, and deep-penetrating, non-hygroscopic, high temperature varnish are just a few features contributing to this extra protection. The IRIS™ offers all of these features plus second generation, spike-resistant magnet wire. The IRIS™ total insulation system is standard at no extra cost in all LEESON® stock NEMA® three-phase motors 1 HP and larger.

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