A Young Man’s Modest Business became an Industry Leader

In 1946, a young 18-year-old man by the name of Joseph Vassallo, began a modest business repairing and rewinding electric motors. This company, later to be known as Magneto Electric, became involved in the conversion of 25 hertz to 60 hertz in Ontario. It is now more than 65 years later and that same company, Magneto Electric, is now recognized as Ontario’s leading provider of electro-mechanical services. Joe Vassallo treated people as valuable assets, and at Magneto Electric, we have some of the most qualified people in our field.

Located in Mississauga, close to Toronto International Airport, Magneto Electric remains a family-operated business. Many things have changed since 1946, but the old-fashioned ideals that formed our company’s reputation more than half a century ago remain the foundation of our success. We’ve built our reputation on the pride we take in quality and our dedication to service.

We Solve Your Problems

Employing a world-class staff of specialists, we are well equipped to work with customers at problem solving and improving reliability. In today’s marketplace, the electrical service provider (ESP) has to be more than just a rewind facility. The ESP must have the knowledge to advise customers and to understand the urgency required in resolving situations efficiently and effectively.

Electric Motor Rewinds, Overhauls, Balancing, Machining & Analysis

Magneto Electric offers a full complement of services, including medium and low voltage rewinds, electric motor overhaul, modifications, dynamic balancing and full machining services. Our on-site services include motor electrical analysis, equipment vibration analysis, laser alignment, balancing and our licensed electricians are available at your request. We also offer the removal and re-installation of motors and related equipment.

Magneto Electric has always been considered a pacesetter in the electric motor repair industry. One of our newest acquisitions is our 9’ vacuum pressure impregnation system. All medium voltage rewinds and formed coil armature rewinds are automatically processed in the VPI. Low voltage rewinds are a special process and can be VPI’d on request.


Everyone at Magneto Electric shares a desire to provide the best quality products and services to our valued clients. Quality service begins with quality communication. Communication begins when the receptionist answers your call and transfers you to one of our service advisors. The service advisor will be your liaison and keep you informed on the progress of your motor.

In 1946, Magneto Electric was a young man’s dream. Today, Magneto Electric continues to set the standard in electric motor service. With an unwavering dedication to quality and an energized team of experts, Magneto Electric plans to redefine the electrical service industry for the next 50 years and beyond.

Industries We Serve

From our 35,000 square foot plant, Magneto Electric services the electric motor requirements for many industries across Ontario. These industries include:

  • Aggregate
  • Pulp and paper
  • Automotive
  • Petro-chemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Printing
  • Steel
  • Plastics
  • Aerospace
  • Transportation

Minimize your downtime and return to production quickly with Magneto Electric! We extend an open invitation to view our facility at your convenience. You will be impressed!

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