Service-Driven Details: Sticking to the Basics

On the shop floor here at the Magneto plant, it’s not uncommon for us to relate what we do to everyday customer experiences. Like any successful service-driven enterprise, it’s all about the details. Details need not be obsessively microscopic, extending quality control down to the last millimeter. Details can be basic. Usually, when things go wrong, it’s because a basic detail of a service has been overlooked.

By way of example, let’s take the case of an all-too-familiar customer experience dining out, as seen from the hit show Kitchen Nightmares. In each episode, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey steps into the operation of a failing culinary establishment with a fierce determination to save the business and turn it around. During dinner service, in the kitchen amidst the heat, steam and strenuous pace of chopping, boiling, sautéing and plating, the most frequent, profanity-laced question he asks the desperate head chef / owner is: “Did you taste the food?”

Translation: Did you test your product before it went out?

As a customer, there are few things more frustrating than receiving a product that just doesn’t work from the start. That’s something you don’t have to worry about when you purchase new motors from Magneto Electric. We test and document each and every motor before it’s delivered. We make sure it’s in perfect working order by the time it leaves the kitchen… I mean… plant.

- Mike Vassallo, President
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